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Great Wedding Organization Tips

Great Wedding Organization Tips

  1. Get a notebook and write EVERYTHING down that has to do with your wedding plans. Phone numbers, decorating tips you've heard, wedding vendor information. Keep this notebook with you always! And, whenever you get a brainstorm or question to ask a vendor, someone to add to the guest list -- write it down.
  2. Purchase an accordion folder with sections or notebook with file pockets. Label the sections (flowers, church, good ideas, bridesmaids, etc.). Then, whenever you see an article or a picture of a bouquet that you love, tear it out and insert it into whichever section it belongs.
  3. Buy a software program. They are a useful means to track guests, what gifts people have given you, who has RSVP'd, menu selections, table assignments and more. It also allows you to create a budget and payment schedules. Most range from $35-$60.
  4. If you are good with EXCEL, you can create your own spread sheets to track your guest list, gifts, budget, etc.
  5. Index cards and file. This is very simple and a very effective organization technique. Simply write one index card per couple/family or single guest. Include their name, address, and phone number. Then, include space to mark off if they have RSVP'd for the wedding and/or shower. Write down what gift they gave you for both the shower and wedding and whether or not a thank you note has been sent. You can also include their table assignment for the reception.
  6. Keep a "Master To-Do-List" with all the tasks needed to be completed. Then, from your Master List, break down the tasks into weekly or daily to-do-lists. This will make you more productive by focusing on a few tasks and at the same time reduce some overwhelming feelings by breaking down the larger tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  7. Keep a wedding calendar. Include all of your appointments with vendors and deadlines required by your vendors (i.e. payments due, menu selections, ordering deadlines, etc.). Be sure to include your self-imposed deadlines as well, such as when to have the photographer chosen and when to have invitations ready to mail.


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