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10 Tips for "Working Brides"

10 Tips for "Working Brides"

How to Plan a Wedding AND Work a Full Time Job

  1. Make a plan for your lunch hour the night before or even better - plan them out a week in advance. Schedule in phone calls to vendors, errands, short shopping trips, work on your "to-do lists", reply/send emails to vendors, wedding attendants or family members.
  2. Bring your lunch to work. This will save you at least 20 minutes from standing in line to buy your lunch. And, an extra benefit - it will save you money too!
  3. Delegate as much as you can! You've got TWO full-time jobs now, so enlist the help of everyone you can.
  4. Keep the "wedding planning updates" with co-workers to a minimum. You don't want your manager to think you're spending more time talking about the wedding and less time working.
  5. Save up those vacation days. You'll need them for your honeymoon and a few days before the wedding.
  6. If you need a vendor to call you back at work, ask them to return your call at a designated time, like between 1:00-2:00pm. This will help you better separate work and wedding planning.
  7. Use email as much as possible. This greatly reduces phone tag AND reduces the chance that your caterer will call you about menu choices when your boss is in your office.
  8. When work gets busy and wedding planning kicks into high gear, your biggest defense is to stay organized. Find a system that works for you (index cards, notebooks, software program, etc) and STICK WITH IT!
  9. If you begin to fall behind in your work load, try coming into work an hour earlier (before most people arrive). Many times you can accomplish more in one hour of "quiet time" than you can all day.

A demanding job and full scale wedding - two things than can easily lead to MEGA STRESS! You need to find something that relaxes you and reduces your stress level. Exercise is usually the best weapon against stress. Plan your lunch hour to go to the gym or take a brisk walk.

If you say you don't have time to exercise or do something to take care of yourself, then you definitely NEED to make the time. There have been many brides that think they can "do it all" and by the time the wedding comes, they have run themselves so ragged that they are sick on their wedding day. Don't let that happen to you!

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