The ideal heat log to warmth your house


In countries where there are four seasons or permanent winters, it is essential to provide the home with adequate conditions for the survival of the human being. Hence the need for houses are equipped with fireplaces or heating systems, which can be electric or those that are fueled, such as wood, pellets or bark briquettes to obtain a heat logs that allows a pleasant environment.

In Mainland, the United Kingdom, a company specialized in the distribution of materials was established in 2001 to use as burners and produce fire safely for the well-being of its inhabitants. Lekto Wood fuels LTD distributes firewood with specific characteristics to make a fire in the different media that you have in your home, be it a traditional fireplace or stove of any kind. This factory will provide the heat log you need since it has a variety of sizes and weights ranging from 250mm to 270mm long, packed in boxes with 10 to 12 kg of weight. Each log can be broken into smaller pieces, the duration of the flame is up to 8 continuous hours since these kiln dried logs have a humidity level of less than 9%, which makes the heat register is constant and stable.

One of the objectives of this company, in addition to the logs for sale, is the care of the environment because its raw material comes from controlled forests, thus avoiding indiscriminate felling and contributing to our planet.
The material is sold in very convenient packages, which do not represent a problem for storage; they come in sealed boxes guaranteeing the quality of the product.

Likewise, they comply with the parameters established by the DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) which is responsible for regularizing the use of materials to produce safe fires and prevent accidents.

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