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   Simplifying Your Wedding Party Plans

Simplifying Your Wedding Party Plans

The following timetable is one that many brides have found appropriate for an outdoor wedding at Brookside Farm. You may find that using this format as the basis of your wedding, and/or the following timetable, useful in simplifying your wedding planning.

  • While each wedding celebration is as unique as each couple, beneath all the excitement most receptions do follow a traditional timetable.
  • As you plan your party, remember that, just as it is important to have a schedule, it's equally important to be flexible--every party has a life of its own.
Planning the Party

This schedule is a guideline for a dinner-dance reception preceded by a cocktail hour. It is the most formal type of party. A buffet, brunch, or lunch reception is likely to be shorter and less structured, but the basic elements are the same.

At least a week before the wedding, sit down with your caterer, bandleader, maître d', and bridal consultant if you have one, and go over the timing of everything.

Distribute typed plans, with relevant names and contact numbers, to each vendor and to members of the wedding party.

2:00 PM-The Ceremony: Congratulations! You are married and the party is about to begin.

3:00 PM-The Receiving Line: Couples today often forgo this tradition, but it is one way to make sure you greet each guest.

3:30 PM-Cocktails: This is the first chance for everybody to mix and mingle and to preview the style of your party. (You may want to be taking photos during this time.)

4:30 PM-Dinner: Guests find their places at the tables.

4:45 PM-The First Dance: The bride and groom glide across the dance floor to their special song.

5:15 PM-The Toasts: The best man raises his glass, and often the newlyweds say a few words, too. (If you have more than 100 guests, you may want to have the toast on the lawn during cocktail hour.)

7:00 PM-Cutting the Cake: With his hand over hers, the newlyweds slice the cake together, then share the first piece.

7:30 PM-Tossing the Bouquet: When the bride parts with her bouquet, the one who catches it is said to be the next to marry.

7:45 PM-Going Away: The newlyweds depart amidst a great whoop-la from the guests. Afterwards guests head for their cars, or those assigned help with packing up. Meanwhile caterers and vendors begin clean up.

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