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Tips for a More Sentimental Wedding

Tips for a More Sentimental Wedding

by Allison Rushby

  1. Spend a day making a time capsule. Each of you can write a letter containing your thoughts, dreams and hopes for your new life together. Put the two letters in a box and seal it. You can then open the box on a set date, maybe your 25th wedding anniversary.
  2. Consider having a sentimental theme wedding, "romantic candlelight" would be a good idea.
  3. Make a special wedding gift for your partner. For example, you could laminate a box with photographs or keepsakes, such as ticket stubs, from your courtship together.
  4. Have a message to your partner printed on a rented billboard that they will be sure to see on their way to the ceremony!
  5. Order a bridal bouquet with a special meaning or message. You will find that most flowers have a specific meaning. For example, ivy means fidelity, friendship and marriage, violets mean modesty and hope, zinnias mean thoughts of absent friends, jasmine is for happiness and tulips mean enchantment.
  6. On your wedding day, dab your, and your partner’s, handkerchiefs with your favorite fragrances, for a reminder of each other.
  7. Have the groom escort his mother and grandmother to their seats at your ceremony venue.
  8. Write your own vows. Couples often find that their own words can be more meaningful than traditional vows and can give their ceremony a feeling of intimacy.
  9. Incorporate a family heirloom into your ceremony. This could include a piece of jewelry, clothing or a family bible. Some brides like to copy the entire wedding gowns their mother or grandmother wore.
  10. Release some doves.
  11. Arrange for a family member or close friend to make a video consisting of photos of you and the groom since you first met. Show the video to your guests while you are having your photos taken.
  12. Copy the decorations or cake top used by your parents or grandparents at their wedding.
  13. Place wedding photos of your parents and grandparents on your cake table for a sentimental and romantic touch. If you would like, you could ask all your guests to bring a photo of their wedding and have a table set up especially to display these photos.
  14. Have two special champagne flutes personalized for your reception. You can then use them on special occasions at home.
  15. Take secret singing lessons, and surprise your fiancé at your reception by singing your song or a favorite love ballad.
  16. Ask your DJ or band to play your parent’s favorite song and have them dance to it.
  17. On your wedding night, strew your bed with rose petals.
  18. While you are on your honeymoon, write a postcard to your partner and mail it for a special surprise when he gets home.

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