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Which Photos To Take?

Which Photos To Take?

Here's a BIG list of photographs that your photographer can take at your wedding. You can just print out the page, check off the pictures that you want and then give the list to your photographer. Also, be sure to highlight any particular pictures that you absolutely don't want your photographer to miss!

HINT: Full length pictures capture all the beauty and magnificence of the wedding dress, wedding attire and beautiful scenery or backdrops. Close-up or half length (above the waist) photographs better capture facial expressions and reveal more emotion.

The Bride

___ Bride dressing for wedding
___Mother helping bride put on veil
___ Bride looking in mirror
___ Bride putting on garter
___ Bride-Full Length
___ Bride-Half Length
___ Bride-Close Up
___ Bride with mother-Full Length
___ Bride with mother-Close Up
___ Bride with father-Full Length
___ Bride with father-Close Up
___ Bride pinning on father's boutonniere
___ Bride with Both Parents-Full Length
___ Bride with Parents-Close Up
___ Bride with Grandparents-Full Length
___ Bride with Grandparents-Close Up
___ Bride with sisters-Full Length
___ Bride with sisters-Close Up
___ Bride with brothers-Full Length
___ Bride with brothers-Close Up
___ Bride with immediate family
___ Bride with Maid of Honor-Full Length
___ Bride with Maid of Honor-Close Up
___ Bride with her attendants-Full Length
___ Bride with her attendants-Close Up
___ Bride & flower girl/ring bearer
___ Father helping bride out of limo

The Groom

___ Groom-Full Length
___ Groom-Half Length
___ Groom-Close Up
___ Groom putting on bow tie
___ Groom with mother-Full Length
___ Groom with mother-Close Up
___ Groom with father-Full Length
___ Groom with father-Close Up
___ Groom with Parents-Full Length
___ Groom with Parents-Close Up
___ Groom with Grandparents-Full Length
___ Groom with Grandparents-Close Up
___ Groom with sisters-Full Length
___ Groom with sisters-Close Up
___ Groom with brothers-Full Length
___ Groom with brothers-Close Up
___ Groom with Immediate Family
___ Groom & Best Man-Full Length
___ Groom with Best Man-Close Up
___ Groom & Best Man shaking hands
___ Groom & Groomsmen-Full Length
___ Groom & groomsmen-Close Up Ceremony
___ Grandparents being seated
___ Groom's parents being seated
___ Bride's parents being seated
___ Flower girl walking down aisle
___ Ring Bearer walking down aisle
___ Bridesmaids walking down aisle
___ Maid of Honor walking down aisle
___ Father walking Bride down aisle
___ Father giving bride away
___ Bride & Groom at alter
___ Bride & Groom exchanging vows
___ Bride & Groom exchanging rings
___ Bride & Groom lighting candle
___ Bride & Groom-the kiss
___ Bride & Groom walking down aisle
___ Pictures of receiving line
___ Bride & Groom exiting church
___ Bride & Groom getting into limo
___ Bride & Groom's first toast in limo

Formal Pictures

___ Bride & Groom Kissing
___ Bride & Groom-Full Length
___ Bride & Groom-Half Length
___ Bride & Groom-Close Up
___ Bride & Groom "gazing" at each other
___ Bride & Groom looking out window
___ Bride & Groom holding hands
___ Close-up of rings
___ Bride & Groom with Bride's parents
___ Bride & Groom with Groom's parents
___ Bride & Groom w/Bride's extended family
___ Bride & Groom w/Groom's extended family


___ Parents being announced
___ Wedding Party being announced
___ Bride & Groom being announced
___ Bride & Groom's first dance
___ Wedding party dancing
___ Bride's dance with father
___ Groom's dance with mother
___ Best Man toasting Bride & Groom
___ Bride & Groom with Champagne glasses
___ Bride & Groom's kiss after the toast
___ Wedding Cake
___ Bride & Groom cutting cake
___ Bride feeding Groom
___ Groom feeding Bride
___ Kiss after cutting cake
___ Bride tossing bouquet
___ Groom taking off garter
___ Guests dancing
___ Bride & Groom's last dance


___ Close up of invitation
___ Bride or Groom with special friends
___ Bride or Groom with special relatives
___ Picture of band or DJ

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