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   Sentimental Ways to Honor Your Parents at Your Wedding

Sentimental Ways to Honor Your Parents at Your Wedding

  1. Walk down the aisle (the recessional) to the same song as your mother did. This is a nice tribute to your parents.
  2. Give a rose to your mother and groom’s mother as you walk down the aisle. Talk to your florist and have them place the two roses in your bouquet (unfastened) and then pull them out when you reach the front of the church.
  3. Prior to the ceremony, place a personalized handkerchief and a rose at both mothers' seats. The handkerchief will be a wonderful keepsake and remembrance. Or, you could include a special personal note of thanks with the rose or handkerchief.
  4. Have your mother’s bridal bouquet duplicated. Find some pictures of her wedding and give them to your florist.
  5. Instead of doing a "bouquet toss", dedicate your bouquet to your mother.
    I saw this at one wedding where the bride got up and gave a little speech about someone very special in her life (without mentioning who it was) and at the end she told who it was and dedicated her bouquet to her mother. It was a total surprise to everyone especially her mother. Needless to say there was NOT a dry eye in the house!
  6. At the cake table, include framed pictures of your parent’s wedding and even your grandparents wedding too!
  7. Incorporate a family heirloom into your ceremony. This could include a piece of jewelry, clothing or a family bible. Some brides like to copy the entire wedding gowns their mother or grandmother wore.
  8. Copy the decorations or cake top used by your parents or grandparents at their wedding.
  9. As part of your wedding program, you can include a special poem about family. Here’s an example of a special dedication to a bride and groom’s parents…
    "We would like to dedicate this ceremony to our parents. They have taught us our values, and shown us how to laugh, love and appreciate all that life has to offer. Their generosity, support, and love is unending."
  10. Ask your Officiant to include the names of your parents or family in a special prayer. Many times family members that have recently passed away may be mentioned in a prayer, but it can also be used for anyone you want mentioned in a special way.

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