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   Including Older Children in Your Wedding

Including Older Children in Your Wedding

Inviting children to take part in your celebration can make it even more special and is very important for second marriages when you are trying to bring together a "new family".

There are many roles children can play:

  • Flower girls and ring bearers are so adorable and are usually between the ages of 4-7.
  • Junior bridesmaids are typically between the ages 8-12.
Here are some other roles and responsibilities that older children (6 and above)
can be given to take part in your wedding celebration:
  • Hand out wedding programs at the ceremony.
  • Ask them to do a special reading or prayer during the ceremony.
  • Watch over the gift table. Give them a role of scotch tape and ask them to make sure all cards are securely fastened to each gift.
  • Help set up or decorate the reception or ceremony site.
  • Help set up the reception location with favors, place cards, guest book, toasting flutes, etc.
  • Help transport the ceremony flowers to reception.
  • Hand out the wedding favors to guests. Have someone walk around with a basket or tray and hand out the favors to each guest at their seat or from a designated table.
  • Manage the guest book. If the guest book is left unattended, many guests will forget to sign it. So, ask someone to walk around with the book and ask the guests to sign it.

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