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Unique Wedding Registry Service Offers Links to More Than 850,000 Charities

The new trend for giving charitable gifts has extended past corporate donations and holiday gifts. With more and more people getting married later in life, there is a new trend for soon-to-be-married couples asking for charitable donations in lieu of traditional wedding gifts., a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing overall charitable giving by making it part of our everyday lives, has streamlined this process by offering a unique online Charity Wedding Registry for couples looking to create a wish list of their favorite nonprofit organizations that they would like to help.

"A charitable gift in a couple's name makes a wonderful and truly meaningful wedding gift," says Kendall Webb, founder and Executive Director of JustGive. "A lot of couples nowadays tend to already have the basics for their homes covered, and they don't really have a need to register for the traditional dishes and glassware. We've seen a big increase in the number of people using our Charity Wedding Registry, as it enables them to offer their wedding guests a meaningful and personal option for gifts."

JustGive's Charity Wedding Registry allows couples to choose from any of the 850,000 charities in the U.S., add personal information about themselves and their wedding, send an email to friends and family notifying them of their registry, and access password-protected reports that detail who has donated to what charity on their registry so they can send out timely "Thank You" cards. The couple is also notified via email whenever a donation is made in their name.

Webb says they hear from couples every day, who are thrilled to find a wedding registry that reflects their values. "One of the things couples like most about the registry is that it allows them to choose local charities that are in their community and touch their lives directly."

They also feature a Charity Wish List service so individuals can keep track of their favorite charities - answering the call of the millions of consumers who search feverishly for the perfect gift, especially around the holidays and on special occasions. makes it simple and convenient for people to get involved with the charities and causes they care about. Dedicated to offering services and tools to make giving easy, the site is the premiere destination to visit when trying to find anything related to philanthropic giving. In addition, JustGive offers summarized tax receipts at the end of each year and a personal password-protected account area for individuals to track their donations.

JustGive has received national media attention for their innovative tools and services that enable people to participate in everyday charitable giving. They have been featured on Good Morning America, PBS, and MSNBC as well as in numerous local and national publications, including Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and PC World.

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