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Donations as Wedding Favors

By Blake Kritzberg
Reprinted with special permission

The times, they are a-changin'. Bride and groom are not the needy little waiflings they once were. Many lived together before the ceremony, and acquired plenty of appliances, glassware and cutlery along the way.

This sense of material fullness might be what's driving the trend to contribute during a wedding, instead of merely consume.

Whatever the reasons, more and more bridal couples are donating to charity instead of handing out wedding favors. It's become enough of a movement that some organizations, such the American Diabetes Association, will actually supply the table cards that explain the wedding donation to guests.

Choosing your charity can be a bit daunting, unless events in your life make the choice clear (losing a loved one to a specific disease, for example). You may not be sure which charities will really make good use of your money. Or maybe you'll worry whether your guests will miss the 'regular' wedding favors, or approve of your charity choice.

Don't worry! You'll find most if not all of your guests will support and admire your decision. But even if someone does mind, remember, this is your day. Your beliefs and concerns should drive it.

If you're thinking of a particular loved one when you selected the charity, be sure to refer to him or her in the placard.

In memory of []...
Although we can't see you,
We know you are here:
Smiling, watching over us
As we say "I do."
Forever in our hearts,
Forever in our lives —
And so we say our vows
In loving memory of you.

You can describe the donation in a table card, a small scroll tied with a ribbon, or even a fortune cookie if your statement is brief. (Click here for "Sayings for Wedding Favor Donations" for your cards or scrolls.)

The task of selecting a charity has been made a little easier by web sites that list the most reputable ones. MarriedForGood has a great catalog of charities known for outstanding money management, broken down by type.

You may be surprised to learn that donations at the wedding don't start and end with the wedding favors. Older couples in particular are putting a new spin on registries by registering with 'charity clearinghouses' instead of Crate & Barrel. If this idea appeals to you, check out, which makes the process easy.

That isn't all you can do for others on your big day. Caterers can donate the leftover food to homeless shelters, you or your wedding party can drop off those flowers at hospitals or nursing homes, and bridesmaids can even donate their dresses for use by underprivileged teens on Prom night. MarriedForGood tells you all about these little-known options that can make such a difference in someone else's day..

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