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   Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Your Maid of Honor should be your closest friend - many times, a bride will choose her sister. Some brides will choose to have both a Matron of Honor (a married woman) as well as a Maid of Honor (an unmarried woman). And some choose to have more than one Maid of Honor.

The main role of the Maid of Honor is to help the bride with the wedding planning... this can include shopping for dresses, addressing invitations, putting together favors and just being there when the bride needs some extra help, support or someone to talk to.

Traditionally, there are some specific duties that the maid of honor is to perform:

  • Host the bridal shower. Today, this is usually done with the help of the other bridesmaids.
  • Helps the bride get dressed on her wedding day.
  • Adjusts the bride's veil and train before she walks down the aisle and during the ceremony as needed.
  • Holds the bride's bouquet during the wedding ceremony.
  • Holds the groom's ring wedding ring until the exchange of the rings, if there is no ring bearer.
  • Witnesses the signing of the marriage license.
  • Helps the bride bustle her gown prior to the beginning of the reception.
If you are a Maid of Honor, the most important thing is to continually offer your assistance and support to the bride throughout the entire wedding planning process. We all need our friends - but during those stressful times of wedding planning - you need your best friend even more!

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