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   15 Top Favor Ideas

15 Top Favor Ideas

by Allison Rushby

These days, less traditional favors are being given to guests. Brides are being more creative and are letting their imaginations run wild. Favors can include personalized chocolates to potted plants!

  1. One new and popular favor idea is to give each guest a bottle of bubble blowing mixture. The bottles can have a personalized label with your names and wedding date printed on them. Bubbles can then be blown by guests instead of throwing confetti or birdseed, which is often not allowed at many reception venues.
  2. Candles are a romantic gift and can be tied with ribbon, or decorated with tulle. Candles make a useful favor for your guests and are quite inexpensive.
  3. Potpourri is a nice thought and can be used by guests to scent their drawers or wardrobe. You could use different flowers in the potpourri, depending on the flowers you have used in your bouquet. Roses are the most popular choice, and the potpourri will give your reception venue a lovely perfume.
  4. Potted plants are another inexpensive favor choice. Try to purchase small seedlings with flowers. The pot can then be decorated with tulle or ribbon for a festive appearance.
  5. For a fun favor, you could buy some small terracotta pots and decorate them with paint, ribbon or tulle. Then, buy packets of mixed flower seed and place one packet in each pot. Your guests will be able to plant their own favor and watch it grow!
  6. Different sized and shaped baskets offer a wide variety of favor ideas. You could buy some small baskets, decorate them with ribbon, and fill them with lilies or potpourri.
  7. Fans are a dainty gift and can be decorated with fresh or silk flowers, ribbons or satin rosettes.
  8. Another new trend is to make chocolate "coffee spoons". These are simply plastic spoons dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with a piece of ribbon. The spoons are then used by the guests to stir their coffee, whereby it melts. If you like, the chocolate could be flavored with mint, vanilla or rum essence.
  9. Gold or silver bells are pretty and can be ceramic or made out of plastic. They can be spray painted to match your color theme, or tied with ribbon for decoration.
  10. For a sentimental favor, you could write a poem expressing your feelings about your wedding day and thanking your guests for helping to make it so special. This could be made into a scroll, tied with ribbon and placed on each guest’s plate.
  11. For a truly special favor, you could buy some small, antique looking silver frames. These can be used as place cards and will be a real treasure for your guests for years to come.
  12. A small book of poetry would make a nice favor and your names and wedding date can be written on the inside front cover of the book by a calligrapher.
  13. Personalized chocolates come in many different varieties and are always well received. They can be ordered from professional confectionery companies.
  14. Another new trend is to have a "photo tree" which doubles as an ornament for your reception, as well as your favors. Appoint someone to take an instant photo of each guest, or couple, as they arrive at your reception. Then, when everyone has arrived, tie each photo to a tree placed in the corner of the room. At the end of the reception, have your host announce that each guest can find their photo on the "photo tree" and take it home to remember the day by.
  15. Brainstorm, and try to think of some unusual favors that tie in with you and your fiancé's interests and hobbies. If you both like to cook, your favor could be small jars of preserves. If you like to write, or are great readers, you could give pretty notebooks or small books. Your thoughts are sure to end in a favor that gives an extra personal touch that your guests will appreciate.

Courtesy USABride

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