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   Frequently Asked Questions - Brookside Farm Wedding Site

Frequently Asked Questions - Brookside Farm Wedding Site

Pricing: Contact

Availability: Weddings hosted on the property from April through to the end of October

Location rental: Includes the use of the terraces, lawn, and Bridal Ready Room (the “Garden Cottage”), as well as all outdoor gardens and walkways. You’ll also be happy to know that Brookside offers a great deal of flexibility in the set-up of your wedding or other event.

Number of guests: The terrace area comfortably seats 100 – 150.

Accommodations: A quaint storybook Bridal Ready Room (the “Garden Cottage”), chock full of antiques, is available for the bridal party as part of the rental package. Additionally, the Garden Cottage is available for rent ($150/night) as a Bridal Suite, and/or for the bride and bridesmaids the night before the wedding.

Restrooms: There is a full restroom in the bride's cottage. And conveniently located adjacent to your outdoor setting, wedding guests will find three fully serviced flush toilets, one of which is wheelchair accessible.

D.J.: Click here for details about our talented and highly recommended in-house DJ, Bill Breeze.

Timing: You may have use of the site for six hours for your event, not including set-up time. You are welcome to come as early as 9 am for set-up.

Weather: Thanks to the large oak shade trees on the property, and being situated at 1800 feet, the summer temperature is generally cooler than surrounding areas. There is also a pleasant breeze most of the time. (In the unlikely case of rain, which is rare outside the rainy season, you have the option to rent and erect a large tent on the lawn.)

“Should we have an outdoor wedding?” The staff at Brookside goes to great lengths to groom the grounds before each event. However, due to the fact that it is an out-of-doors facility, there are obviously some things that cannot be controlled. So if falling leaves, or spring pollen, etc. are something that will cause you to feel your event has been tarnished, you may want to consider an indoor location. Again, we take a great deal of pride in preparing our grounds, but we are unable to control the presence of wind, insects, falling leaves, etc. that may occur during or just prior to your event.

The drive: It is a lovely 40-minute scenic drive from downtown San Diego to Brookside Farm. (Suggestion from a bride:

"For you future brides, I would recommend using a tour bus to get everyone out there and back to San Diego. We did and it was well worth the price. Guests arrive at a predictable, controllable time, they enjoyed the extended party/socializing opportunity it afforded, and most importantly, everyone arrives home safely. It really is a scenic drive out there -- you may as well relax and enjoy that too!")

Parking: Brookside parking facilities can accommodate 80-100 cars. (However you may still want to recommend to your guests to carpool whenever possible.)

Canopies or tents: Large oak trees and ivy arbors shade most of the area. There are two large umbrellas available for your use. The lawn can accommodate a 30' x 40' tent or canopy.

Chairs and tables: The listed price includes complimentary seating for 100 guests. Additional chairs and tables are available to rent if needed.

Rentals: Additional chairs and tables are available to rent if needed. Also the “Garden Cottage” is available for rent ($150/night) as a Bridal Suite, and/or for the bride and bridesmaids the night before the wedding.

Packages/Vendors: Once you have decided to book an event at Brookside, we can provide you with a list of preferred vendors and great wedding packages.

Viewings are by appointment only. Please e-mail us for an appointment:

Brookside Farm is operated by Family Care Foundation.

All proceeds from weddings support the charity work of Family Care Foundation, as do car donations. Click here to make a car donation, truck donation, RV donation or boat donation to Donate Car to Charity