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   10 Things You DON’T Want To Do Before Your Wedding

10 Things You DON’T Want To Do Before Your Wedding

  1. DON’T start your wedding planning without a budget. One of the most stressful elements to wedding planning usually is MONEY. Make sure you decide up front how much your total wedding budget is going to be and who will be contributing and how much.
  2. DON’T spend more than your budget or what you can afford. Your wedding day is an important day – but it is only ONE day. You don’t want to start your new life together by going into "serious" debt from your wedding expenses and being strapped with that debt for the next five years.
  3. DON’T rely upon oral agreements with vendors. Get EVERYTHING in writing!
  4. DON’T try and do everything yourself. Planning a wedding can be a full time job in itself. So, don’t try and take on such an enormous project alone - DELEGATE as much as you can! When it comes to weddings – everyone loves to help (so let them!).
  5. DON’T insist on having it your way all the time! COMPROMISE on the things that are less important.
  6. DON’T skimp on your photography. Your wedding day goes by so fast – and after it’s over, all you’ll have left is your memories and your PICTURES.
  7. DON’T get crazy over every detail. It can really take the pleasure out of the wedding planning process. I mean, will it really matter that the ribbons for the favors are baby blue instead of ice blue?
  8. DON’T forget to thank everyone involved in your wedding and those that gave you gifts. AND, don’t let those thank you notes pile up. Send them out promptly after you receive a gift.
  9. DON’T overload yourself the day before your wedding. This is not the time to put together 200 favors. Try to do only one or two small tasks and leave the rest of the day to relax and pamper yourself.
  10. DON’T expect perfection for your wedding day. Expect a "terrific" day and set reasonable expectations. Never forget the main goal is to get married.


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