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The Groom’s Countdown Checklist

The Groom’s Countdown Checklist

By Leah Steenstra

Feeling a little lost as to what the duties of a groom are? Below is a list of things you can do, with or without your bride, to ensure that the wedding goes smoothly.

12 to 18 Months Before

  • Meet with both sets of parents to discuss the budget and style of the wedding.
  • Go with your fiancée and book the reception site. Many sites fill up quickly so the earlier you pick a spot, the better!
  • Reserve your ceremony location.
  • Choose your groomsmen. Figure on one usher per 50 guests.

    9 Months Before
  • Decide on an Officiant.
  • Write out a preliminary guest list. Be sure to get input from your parents.
  • Register at one or several locations.
  • Before selecting a caterer, go to a tasting.

    6 Months Before
  • Choose and order your attire and your groomsmen’s outfits.
  • Plan and book your honeymoon. Are you looking for fun, seclusion, fine dining? Contact a travel agent for help.

    3 Months Before
  • Finalize the guest list.
  • Order your wedding bands and decide on inscriptions.
  • Check state requirements concerning marriage license and required medical tests.
  • Decide on living arrangements and order furnishings.

    2 Months Before
  • Buy wedding gifts for your bride and groomsmen.
  • Get blood test for marriage license.
  • Pick up your wedding rings, make sure they fit properly and check the inscription for accuracy.

    2 Weeks Before

  • Pick up your marriage license.
  • Give ushers instructions for seating the guests at the ceremony, especially if there are guests requiring special assistance.
  • Practice your toast to the bride’s family.
  • Pick up your rental attire and remind your groomsmen to do the same.
  • Arrange for someone to bring the gifts from the reception to your home.
  • Get a haircut.

    1 Day Before

  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Give gifts to groomsmen.
  • Do something sweet for your bride. A short letter, a flower on her pillow…. she’s worked hard, show her how much you appreciate her.

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