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   Brookside Farm Wedding Clean Up

Client Responsibilities:

Brookside is not responsible for clean up, so the following duties should be handled by the wedding coordinator, caterers and/or wedding party:

  • Ensure your caterer wipes the summer kitchen counters and fridge, and sweeps/mops floor.
  • Pick up all trash, dishes, bottles, cans etc. on terraces & lawn areas
  • Remove any decorations from chairs, archways and terraces.
  • Remove all boxes, trash, bottles, etc. from bar area.
  • Leave any rented table cloths on counter of outdoor kitchen.
  • Remove all trash bags to designated spot (see Brookside site attendant for
    trash bags or any questions.)

Viewings are by appointment only. Please e-mail us for an appointment:

Brookside Farm is operated by Family Care Foundation.

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