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   Incorporate Philanthropy and Charity into your San Diego Wedding!

  Incorporate Philanthropy and Charity into your San Diego Wedding!

Considering a San Diego wedding?

Already have a toaster and a fondue pot? Give your guests the option to donate to a charity, and in this way incorporate philanthropy, and the element of charity, into your San Diego wedding!

Making donations as wedding gifts is becoming increasingly popular. Especially since many couples marry at older ages today, they find that they already have all of the pots, pans, and dishes that they need! And even if they are still registered for traditional gifts, many couples have expressed interest in receiving more meaningful gifts such as charitable donations.

So where would you start, as far as adding the elements of philanthropy and charity to your San Diego wedding and reception?

First decide how much you’d want to donate, and the approach you’d take.
For example:

  • You can encourage your guests to donate to a given charity the amount that they would typically spend on a gift, or
  • You as the bride and groom can give a set amount or
  • Have a formula whereby you donate a few dollars per guest or
  • Combine a Donation Registry (as above), along with your Gift Registry, to raise donations for the charity, so you don’t have to give up the new toaster.
Determine how you would like to convey the above to your guests.
For example:
  • Communicate this via the invitation: “In lieu of gifts we would appreciate donations toward our favorite charity, [Name of Charity]”
  • Or on your table or place cards: “Thank you for being part of our lives and joining us in our special day. In honor and appreciation of our guests, we have made a contribution to [Name of Charity]”
Many charities today accept donations in various ways. Use whichever one you feel most comfortable with:
  • On-line donations. (As an example, to make a donation on Family Care Foundation’s secure server, you would click here)
  • You can instead just pick up the phone and make a donation by credit card, or mail a check; simply use the contact information provided at the charity's website.
As a bridal couple on behalf of your guests, or as an individual making the contribution, when you communicate with the charity, be sure to identify the name of the couple that you are honoring with this donation. (In the case of an individual making the gift, provide the charity with the couple's contact information so that they may receive a gift acknowledgement.)

In any case, you will also receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Click Titles below for Helpful Reference Articles to plan your San Diego wedding:

Making Philanthropy Part of the Nuptials - NPR news
Some couples are making philanthropy part of the theme of their wedding day. Some couples register their gifts through a charitable gift registry program, while others are asking their guests to donate to selected charities instead of buying them gifts.

Wedding Gifts that Make a Difference -
With more people getting married later in life, there is a new trend for soon-to-be-married couples asking for charitable donations in lieu of traditional wedding gifts. has streamlined this process by offering a unique online Charity Wedding Registry for couples looking to create a wish list of their favorite nonprofit organizations that they would like to help. "A charitable gift in a couple's name makes a wonderful and truly meaningful wedding gift."

Many couples include charity in celebration – Atlanta Journal-Constitution
When it came time to select gifts for the participants in their wedding, the couple decided to do something different. "We didn't want to give them the same old trinket they got for being in every other wedding — a jewelry box or cuff links," she said. "Instead, we made a donation in honor of each person."

Eleven ways to give back – Cox News Service
1. Choose a reception location owned by a nonprofit, such as a nature preserve, university or museum, where the rental proceeds will go to a good cause
2. Consider donations in place of gifts. Give your guests the option of donating to your favorite charity.

Donations as Wedding Favors -
The times, they are a-changin'. Bride and groom are not the needy little waiflings they once were. Many lived together before the ceremony, and acquired plenty of appliances, glassware and cutlery along the way. With this sense of material fullness, more and more bridal couples are donating to charity instead of handing out wedding favors.

'Tis Healthier to Give Than to Receive – Health Scout News
That old adage about feeling good when you do something for someone else apparently has more than an emotional ring to it. Engaging in even a scant amount of altruistic behavior increases longevity, a University of Michigan study has found.

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